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Affiliate Marketing - A Quick Guide - Pros and Cons

Affiliate marketing is a form of partnership cooperation via the Internet between producers/creators and promoters, to achieve mutual interests.

  • The interest of the producer-creator is to sell a product, service, service, or any other form of value and make money in the process.
  • The interest of the promoter is to make money.

The system works very simply.

Let's say you are in the role of an affiliate, you choose the products or services you want to promote and for each purchase that is the result of such a promotion, you earn a certain commission. The commission can range from just a few percents of the product price, up to 30% or even 50%, and in some cases more than 50% of the product price. You can get involved in affiliate marketing as a producer - creator or as a promoter. Most people in affiliate marketing want to get involved as promoters and make money. So I will continue to focus mostly on that throughout the text.

A rough sketch of the affiliate marketing business model

    Features, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

    Features:- low risk and small initial capital

    • Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone
    • A lot of effort and work, but very profitable
    • Requires a lot of knowledge and expertise
    • Unlimited earnings

    Advantages: - very low risk

    • Affiliate Marketing is very low initial costs
    • No need to create your products, nor to own products that are promoted
    • No need to worry about the delivery of products or services, shipping costs, postage, complaints, and the like.
    • Great potential for passive earnings
    • Unlimited earnings This job is accompanied by constant learning, improvement in digital marketing, creative writing, and expression.
    • Which ultimately results in the possibility of changing occupations or jobs.

    Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

    The first 6 months the earnings are small or insignificant (depending on the market and niche)

    • Affiliate Marketing takes a lot of time to create content
    •  It takes patience, continuous effort, and work. 
    • You need to know SEO, web design, content writing, email marketing, and sales psychology.
    • There is no control over such income ( you are dependent on Google algorithm, affiliate program, commissions ) sometimes I can simply abolish them.
    • A table with the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of affiliate marketing

    How to Start Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing most useful tips

    To make money from affiliate marketing you need to find a way to get interested people to the offers you are promoting. These offers are almost always online. And they are found on websites from the manufacturer, creator of the product or service you are promoting.

    Affiliate Link

    For the system to work and know who the customers who bought the product with your promotion are, there is something called an affiliate link. So the system records sales that have occurred through that unique affiliate link and so knows which partner is in charge of which sales. An affiliate link is a link like any other, only it contains your ID number. It is a unique number given to each partner in an affiliate program. Something like indexation. In this way, earnings are recorded using this affiliate link.

    Let's say you know exactly how much your earnings are per 10 sales if the commission is 35%.

    Web Cookie

    Something else is important. And that's a web cookie. Cakes.

    Cookies record visits via a web browser. Cookies have a certain duration. Let's say 90 days from the day a visitor came through your affiliate link to a product manufacturer's website that uses their own or someone else's affiliate service as a way to sell their product. What does that mean? This means that if within those 90 days a visitor buys a product that you are promoting, you will earn a commission.

    They don't have to buy right away when they click on a link and come to a website or webshop. I already bought a lot anytime within those 90 days as long as web cakes are valid. I just gave an example of 90 days. Each affiliate program has its own rules, as well as the duration of web cookies. Somewhere they last even 180 days or are unlimited. Of course, there is a small trick. If the user deletes cookies from his web browser, and then makes a purchase of the product you are promoting on the manufacturer's website, then you do not earn commissions.

    Only if he clicks on your affiliate link again and make the purchase immediately. But you don't have to worry much about it... Let's now see how to bring interested people to the offers you are promoting. Because that's key to success in this business.

    Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

    Affiliate marketing as a source of earnings and additional income over the internet is quite slow. It takes a lot of time because you have to create, we can say a " gathering place " of interested and future customers who would like to buy what you are promoting.

    So, a small note! You never call, you don't hear, you don't offer, etc.

    So it is a very pleasant and easy job. There is almost no stress in it, only if you create it yourself. This is where earnings come from even when you are sleeping, or you are somewhere completely away from the computer.

    This gathering place is your website or blogIt can also be a social media profile or a Youtube channel.

    Especially Youtube has been very popular in recent years. Therefore. Your main task is to create a website that will benefit your target audience. The site must have a considerable number of visitors for one of them to buy or order something through your affiliate links.

    In the beginning, you shouldn't focus on earnings and profits at all - you could already hear that somewhere. Rather, the focus should be on users and content creation. That is why Affiliate marketing is quite slow when it comes to starting to make money.

    You need to first create a site that is worth something and then start slowly inserting affiliate links into that content and only for what makes sense. And there is no need to exaggerate in this. It is known that Google spends a huge amount of money ( billions ) every year on paying fines for manipulation and domination. And yet it is not difficult for them at all.

     Earnings in Affiliate Marketing

    How much money you make this way depends mostly on the amount of commission and how much web traffic you manage to bring to your affiliate links or affiliate banners.

    In a foreign market, earnings can be measured in tens of thousands of dollars. For well-done affiliate projects and websites. Here are a few examples, so see for yourself. These are also good guidelines on how to do this job. Affiliate Marketing - Business or Just An Additional Source Of Income?

    There are many affiliate programs on the market. For various niches and industries. In Croatia, some companies have their affiliate programs through which they sell their products or services. There may have been more before, but a good portion of them either failed or discontinued their affiliate programs.

    Let's say tourism and hospitality, and tourist accommodation. Web hosting is the most common. It is extremely important to choose a good niche, even a micro-niche. That the part about choosing a niche I've already covered in it seems to me two texts, so see more about it on the links.

    • What to sell and make money online - how to find a micro-niche.
    • How to make money online without cheating

    There may be a need to separate and write a separate article and make an example of choosing a profitable niche. Because if you miss a niche, all your work will most likely be in vain or will not be profitable. Because you have to do a lot of things ( both time and money ).

    Let's say Amazon, in my estimation is better for the USA market. I don't know how many local people order and buy online from Amazon.

    How To Make An Affiliate Page Or Blog Through 5 Steps

    Just briefly through the steps:

    1.     Choose a sufficiently profitable niche without much competition ( most important)

    2.     Do detailed keyword research for the production of content and web materials

    3.     Create a website properly optimized for Google search engine

    4.     Produce quality content for users for at least a year

    5.     Track statistics and traffic on the website

    6.     According to user feedback offer products or services through an affiliate marketing

    7.     Consider additional sources of visitors for the site ( social networks, paid advertising, portals, other sites, and blogs )

    5 Most Valuable Tips for a Successful Affiliate Project

    Focus on Writing Quality Content

    The simple rule by which you should be guided is:

    A website that makes money through affiliate marketing at first glance should not reveal this at all.

    This should be just a useful website for the average user.

    From 2020 onwards, start throwing out

    • Bad content
    • Pop-up windows
    • Poor quality banners (they are good to an acceptable extent fine)
    • Poor quality and irrelevant offers
    • Bad ads

    All unnecessary elements that spoil the user experience

    Affiliate links should be in the right place in the content and should not differ at all from other types of links. The user comes to the page in search of the information he is looking for. This is exactly what you need to get on the page.

    Anything for which there is no need to create content can be recommended by affiliate marketing by placing affiliate links in the content. Producing quality content is the first level of value for visitors.

    Application of Email Marketing

    Email marketing is another level of value for web visitors. Through email marketing, you can also offer visitors valuable and useful content that they are looking for and want. Only in this case, such content is not available on the website but is distributed in emails that the visitor receives in his e-mail box after logging in to download such content with his email address. Furthermore, through email marketing, useful services, and products can be effectively recommended through affiliate links. This the way you create a separate space for affiliate earnings because you redirect web traffic to the email list. Which is very smart.

    Optimize Conversions for Even More Sales

    With web search engines you can get a certain number of searches for a particular query. The only solution is to further write new content or gradually optimize existing content to rank better and thus get even more visitors.

    Also, you can further increase conversions. Increase the percentage of those who come to the blog to buy a service or product that we promote through affiliate marketing. This method of optimization is called optimization conversion ( eng. CRO - conversion rate optimization ).

    This is done by changing certain elements on the website or blog. And, by testing how those changes affected the conversion rate. We leave those changes that affected the increase in conversion, while we discard all the changes that affected the decrease in conversion.

    Using a Larger Number of Affiliate Programs

    For one niche, you can choose several different affiliate programs that have relevant services and products for your target audience. For example, there are various ready-made solutions for creating websites that have affiliate programs.

    These are, for example:

    • WordPress themes
    • WordPress plugins
    • Email marketing
    • Landing site
    • Sales pages

    Creating Additional Web Traffic Sources

    In addition to Internet search engines, you can bring visitors from other sources. Which is smart to have a few different sources of web visits. If problems occur with one, there are other ways to reach visitors.

    You can include:

    • Google ads campaigns
    • Facebook ads campaign
    • Youtube channel
    • Branding
    • Other useful social networks
    • Forums
    • Guest posting
    • Advertising on specialized and relevant portals

    Best Affiliate Programs On The Internet

    The most popular affiliate marketing program is Amazon, which has expanded this way of web sales. Various websites and bloggers post affiliate links from Amazon for the products they are looking for to earn a commission by purchasing those products.

    In addition to Amazon, here are some more popular programs

    Affiliate Marketing - Scam or Legal?


    You cannot pay the earnings from domestic programs to the current account, but through a work contract to a giro account. This brings with it certain benefits to the state.

    I hope you found this useful.

    I have described what is most important in this business or business. Everything else about technical things can be found on the internet. I have listed one home forum where I am a personal member and I can confirm that it is a place where you can learn and see many things first hand from people who have been dealing with the internet for years.

    If you have questions feel free to comment below.

    Good luck, future affiliates.

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    Make Money Online

    Make Money Online is in trending nowadays. Millions of people around the world use the Internet. In this blog, we'll learn 10 easy ways to earn money by working 10 to 30 minutes a day. No additional technical knowledge or investment is needed.

    Make money online by maintaining a blog

    Maintaining a blog is an opportunity to earn of the century. The opportunities for making money by blogging are virtually limitless. 

    Affiliate marketing

    This is about advertising products from another merchant's list, leaving you with a certain commission that you generate from the sales. Most online retailers such as Amazon, Direct Track, and others offer affiliate marketing programs. The difficulty here is in choosing the right program, strategy, and contacts.

    Make money online with 

    Youtube, owned by Google, is the largest video content channel in the world. And you can benefit from this, even with videos on "How to Make Coffee Cream?" The truth is that more and more people are looking for such simple things online. So take the camera, create your own channel, and work on promoting the video content you create. 

    Make money online using 

    Are you active in social networks? Many companies benefit from sponsored posts on Twitter and Facebook.

    Web money can come from Kindle e-books

    This way of earning requires talent. Booktango, Bookrix, FastPencil, and Createspace are some of the best sites that can help you write and self-publish your book. The technology for self-publishing a book is now better than ever, and it has never been easier to present your creation to the world.

    Earn on

    If you have a good product, the easiest way to make money from it on the internet is through eBay. Selling on sites like eBay or other online stores is not just posting an ad for sale with a price. 

    Freelance - take money for your skills

    Freelance is a great opportunity to make money online and stand out with your skills. 

    Extra money for small activities

    Many sites offer rewards for little work - such as data entry, downloading text from an audio file, monitoring news, and more. If you have free time, you can explore this option for remote work. 

    Online surveys are also a good extra

    Online surveys allow you to earn from home without having specific skills and knowledge.

    Earn through sites that give money per click

    This is the easiest way to make money without any investment and work within 10 minutes in your free time. Some, such as Neobux and Clixsense, has been in operation since 2008. To do this, you need to register on similar PTC sites.

    Search Engine Optimization

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - for many of us this means "u% {lqp &!", Ie. absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, we are constantly confronted with SEO as soon as we enter a query in the address bar of the search engine.

    What is SEO (search engine optimization)?

    Beginners wonder how it turns out that when you go to any search engine on the Internet, you write the sentence or word that interests you, and how does the whole list of different pages in this topic appear with the help of a magic wand? And why are some pages at the top of the list and others at the bottom (and others at all)? This is the art of optimizing a website or blog.

    SEO is an action that increases the visibility of your website/blog in search engines.

    So, are you ready to learn what SEO is?

    Web & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Guide for Heads

    Here's what's important for optimization:

    Names of pages/publications and their description

    Headlines and descriptions are the most important factor for SEO (especially in Google). When someone enters search terms into a search engine and they are in the title of your 

    website or in the title of a blog post, your website will be more relevant to the search engine than the similar keywords contained in the text of the article.

    Names must be good:

    Brief and informative. 

    This refers to the content of the article or page they are submitting.

    I'm talking about the so-called "meta description" (meta description), ie a sentence that describes the post that appears in search engines as well as on social networks. Use the Yoast SEO plugin to fill in WordPress titles and descriptions for posts.

    A good description for Search Engine Optimization includes:

    • Unique content for a specific blog post or page (without copying the same thing in each article)
    • Size 150-160 characters
    • Not too many keywords

    Important: Do not copy the title of the post, but try to create a description so that it is specific to the content of the blog and encourages you to click on it

    Relationship structure

    • Do not forget about the link structure of pages and articles.
    • How to optimize site/blog links:
    • Create the simplest and most understandable link for search engines and readers.
    • Use the hyphen "-" to separate each word in the link
    • Use words to describe the content of the blog/article
    • Avoid long URLs with unnecessary words and information

    Internal links

       When I say internal links, I mean the links you insert into your text that relate to other posts or pages on your blog, not to the links that send the reader from your site to another. Often, those who start doing SEO ignore the internal linking of the site's pages, although this is a very important moment in its promotion.

         Such links should appear as often as possible in the text of the blog. On the other hand, don't just link new posts to old ones, but from time to time also browse the archive and see if it's possible to include links to new articles in the content of old posts. The appearance of the text and the use of titles in it

    Do not insert hard text on the page - work on its type, add space between paragraphs, tags, but most titles in a format such as H1, H2, or H3.

    General rules for using site titles:

    H1 is an ideal format for post titles (you don't need to create it on the WordPress platform, as the post title is already displayed in the appropriate size and shape)

    H2 or H3 - use for blog subheadings

    Remember to emphasize important points in the text with bold or italic text

    Optimize photos

    Photos, illustrations, and infographics of the site are also an important element that can be used for SEO.

    Sign each photo with a word or keyword phrase that is appropriate for the text in the post (do not leave photos with the name 20160204003.jpg or image1.jpg). Example: seo.jpg

    Also, keep in mind that the photo has a certain size, and the longer it takes to load, the longer your blog page loads, and long-term loading has a bad effect on the SEO site as a whole. Read how to optimize the loading time of the site pages.
    Social media

    When you post on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, this is also monitored by search engines, which can increase the ranking of your site. It's similar to guest posts on other blogs or mentions on your site.

    Valuable content!

    Despite all the above points, the most important thing in optimizing a site is its valuable content - as they say in the world of marketing, content is king! The time spent on the site depends on the content and this improves your SEO.

    If you have a well-tuned website when it comes to SEO, with all the technical aspects, but uninteresting and bad texts, even SEO will not help you get people to this place.

    What does valuable content mean?

    Valuable texts are those that answer questions asked by people, solve their problems (for example, finding content for online promotion, the best ways to lose weight effortlessly, how to organize graduation, how to raise children positively, etc.)

    How do I write valuable content?

    Check what your audience is looking for: read comments on the blog, social networks, catch recurring questions. Make sure the title of the post shows what its content is. Check your text for spelling mistakes and correct them. Format the text (as described in paragraph 4). Enter internal links to the post, as well as external (to other pages outside the blog). You can submit your site internationally by submitting your link. And one more thing: quality matters, not the amount of content.

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