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Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - for many of us this means "u% {lqp &!", Ie. absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, we are constantly confronted with SEO as soon as we enter a query in the address bar of the search engine.

What is SEO (search engine optimization)?

Beginners wonder how it turns out that when you go to any search engine on the Internet, you write the sentence or word that interests you, and how does the whole list of different pages in this topic appear with the help of a magic wand? And why are some pages at the top of the list and others at the bottom (and others at all)? This is the art of optimizing a website or blog.

SEO is an action that increases the visibility of your website/blog in search engines.

So, are you ready to learn what SEO is?

Web & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Guide for Heads

Here's what's important for optimization:

Names of pages/publications and their description

Headlines and descriptions are the most important factor for SEO (especially in Google). When someone enters search terms into a search engine and they are in the title of your 

website or in the title of a blog post, your website will be more relevant to the search engine than the similar keywords contained in the text of the article.

Names must be good:

Brief and informative. 

This refers to the content of the article or page they are submitting.

I'm talking about the so-called "meta description" (meta description), ie a sentence that describes the post that appears in search engines as well as on social networks. Use the Yoast SEO plugin to fill in WordPress titles and descriptions for posts.

A good description for Search Engine Optimization includes:

  • Unique content for a specific blog post or page (without copying the same thing in each article)
  • Size 150-160 characters
  • Not too many keywords

Important: Do not copy the title of the post, but try to create a description so that it is specific to the content of the blog and encourages you to click on it

Relationship structure

  • Do not forget about the link structure of pages and articles.
  • How to optimize site/blog links:
  • Create the simplest and most understandable link for search engines and readers.
  • Use the hyphen "-" to separate each word in the link
  • Use words to describe the content of the blog/article
  • Avoid long URLs with unnecessary words and information

Internal links

   When I say internal links, I mean the links you insert into your text that relate to other posts or pages on your blog, not to the links that send the reader from your site to another. Often, those who start doing SEO ignore the internal linking of the site's pages, although this is a very important moment in its promotion.

     Such links should appear as often as possible in the text of the blog. On the other hand, don't just link new posts to old ones, but from time to time also browse the archive and see if it's possible to include links to new articles in the content of old posts. The appearance of the text and the use of titles in it

Do not insert hard text on the page - work on its type, add space between paragraphs, tags, but most titles in a format such as H1, H2, or H3.

General rules for using site titles:

H1 is an ideal format for post titles (you don't need to create it on the WordPress platform, as the post title is already displayed in the appropriate size and shape)

H2 or H3 - use for blog subheadings

Remember to emphasize important points in the text with bold or italic text

Optimize photos

Photos, illustrations, and infographics of the site are also an important element that can be used for SEO.

Sign each photo with a word or keyword phrase that is appropriate for the text in the post (do not leave photos with the name 20160204003.jpg or image1.jpg). Example: seo.jpg

Also, keep in mind that the photo has a certain size, and the longer it takes to load, the longer your blog page loads, and long-term loading has a bad effect on the SEO site as a whole. Read how to optimize the loading time of the site pages.
Social media

When you post on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, this is also monitored by search engines, which can increase the ranking of your site. It's similar to guest posts on other blogs or mentions on your site.

Valuable content!

Despite all the above points, the most important thing in optimizing a site is its valuable content - as they say in the world of marketing, content is king! The time spent on the site depends on the content and this improves your SEO.

If you have a well-tuned website when it comes to SEO, with all the technical aspects, but uninteresting and bad texts, even SEO will not help you get people to this place.

What does valuable content mean?

Valuable texts are those that answer questions asked by people, solve their problems (for example, finding content for online promotion, the best ways to lose weight effortlessly, how to organize graduation, how to raise children positively, etc.)

How do I write valuable content?

Check what your audience is looking for: read comments on the blog, social networks, catch recurring questions. Make sure the title of the post shows what its content is. Check your text for spelling mistakes and correct them. Format the text (as described in paragraph 4). Enter internal links to the post, as well as external (to other pages outside the blog). You can submit your site internationally by submitting your link. And one more thing: quality matters, not the amount of content.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing strategy is very important for you If you are a small business person who is not online or does not require an online print. you also need a digital marketing strategy. In the modern world, technology is not just a part of industry, science, or media - It is the largest part of our lives and uses all of us - that which we are suitable for the world. In this period, we fall into a much-needed category to present our business. It is time to start your development in the digital world of marketing and in this way you will get eight reports immediately

Reaching a large audience

In all traditional voices, you can get a very limited number of your future and existing customers who are not online. We may prevent visiting a social network page or website which is not necessary for anyway. An advertisement written on a highly visited page can come up many times with any complaint and located in different places of any kind.

Less Intrusive

Everyone in the US looked at our mailbox with someone in the United Nations informal promotional material, real-life and offline.] Knowledge, how, it is offline that there is control over what and how to see. On the other hand, the ability to differentiate your content and the choice of the people you have is reduced.

Greater Commitment

Offline, you can ask to send a call to your audience to get the convenience of your product, without any effect on your part.] To know more about you, the content you are preparing, He can read, and get information about himself.

You can Take Advantage of Various Internet Phenomena

The power of a distinct and bright image cannot be separated or video is in step with fashion. Your competence as part of your various modern culture, as implemented by your progressive and cultural clients, will be as you have it.

It's Not Hard to Make Your Business Global

You can see people all over the world, who are interested in taking advantage of your services or using your product and are being made available worldwide. If you are releasing it, you will at least know if you are using the content on medical media.

Development for Your Brand

Well-grafted content - videos, artists, various interactive applications, and more. As well you can get loans for your brand much faster and more development even after getting it. The same can be used for your social media and email marketing.

Real-Time Result

You are not ready to start to try and achieve the results of your campaign. To save everyone in real-time, for the best seconds - you can buy metal utensils for free and one click! It also helps that you can change your structure according to the need at any time, which can increase in the times when the digital world is exposed.

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