How to Start a YouTube channel that everyone will follow

How to start a YouTube channel is one of the most common questions these days. it's possible to Make a successful YouTube Vlog that people will follow

How to start a YouTube channel

How to start a YouTube channel is one of the most common questions these days. The reason for this is the fact that YouTube is currently one of the most popular social networks, but also predictions that say that video content will make up over 80% of the shared content on social networks by 2020. Want to be a Vlogger, but don't know how? let' know, How to start a YouTube channel.

Then you are in the right place...

At some point in your mind too, you must have thought how to start a YouTube channel. With hard work and perseverance, it is entirely possible to build a successful YouTube channel and make a living from it in just 6 months. In this article, we will show you step by step on how to start a YouTube channel.

This article is divided into several different sections

    What is a YouTube Channel?


    Youtube Channel or video blog is a method of sharing content with users in the form of video. Usually, video bloggers create and publish their videos on YouTube. However, some vloggers only post content on other channels (such as Facebook).

    The advantage of YouTube blogs is that it is relatively easy to monetize videos on YouTube. Unlike other channels, YouTube shares a fixed percentage of advertising revenue with video blogs.

    Choose a Niche to start a Youtube channel?

    choose the Niche for your YouTube Channel

    Many people already know about their niche, when they create a YouTube vlog because they focus on what they do. For example, if you are an artist, you know that you want your channel to be about art.

    However, maybe you want to start a YouTube channel because you like the idea of ​​making videos and you want to live the life of a YouTuber. If you don’t have a specific topic yet, I will give you some things to consider when deciding on a niche.


    For more reasons, being passionate about the subject you want to be your goal is vital.

    You must provide quality content regularly for a long time (at least a few years). If you don’t like this topic, it’s hard to deal with your tired moments, moments of thought, and frustration.


    Are there any requirements for the subjects you want to report?

    If you want to make money on YouTube instead of sharing your specific interests with the world, this is mostly true. Do you have a hobby that you want to show off, don't mind the demand-just have your skills and let people appreciate it! If you make something awesome, you will create demand yourself.


    How hard is it for you to admit?

    You can find the answer by seeing how many YouTube users are active in that location. If the topic is oversaturated, it is difficult for you to become a successful YouTube user in the field.

    If you decide that you didn’t think about a topic when you started on YouTube, you can choose the right goal more freely. You can find an advantage of high demand and small competition.

    What do you need to start a Youtube Vlog?

    What do you need to start a successful Vlog

    Motivation and passion theme

    Passion for the subject and willingness to work harder. This is the first and most important weapon you start.

    We know that passion is so important to start a YouTube channel.

    Time for recording and editing

    Building a successful YouTube channel may not require a large investment of money, but you must invest time.

    Keeping your YouTube channel means producing content regularly, promoting it, coming up with new ideas, and improving it. Therefore, it is best to understand how much time you need to invest to know if you can afford it.

    You can't provide an exact number, especially if this is your first time testing the waters on YouTube. However, you can roughly estimate how long it will take to align with the YouTube channel.

    YouTube devices for beginners

    In the beginning, you don't need to invest a lot of money into the latest products on the market, but you still have to invest at least in decent cameras and microphones.

    What type of equipment you need depends on the type of video you want. For example, if you make instructions for Photoshop, you only need a decent microphone. Because you will share your screen, no camera is needed.


    Your video needs to be in HD format, but there is no need to be obsessed with getting the best video quality in the first place. If the content is qualitative, then decent videos can do well on YouTube.

    No matter where you are, you need something to stabilize your camera. There are different kinds of tripods, but this will be the easiest buying decision you have to make.

    • Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III: Canon PowerShot G7 Mark III has a microphone jack, making it easier to record high-quality videos.
    • Sony A6400: Sony A6400 is a popular camera in video recorders. It provides 4K HDR (HLG) for instant playback, and you can also choose to easily transfer the video to your smartphone.


    Audio quality is crucial. People won’t track videos with poor audio because they won’t understand what you mean. You don't have to invest in high-priced microphones, but you want to make sure you can hear clearly without trouble.

    Here are some good microphone options for you to review.


    Great lighting can change the video to a great extent. It makes you look lighter and clearer. This is not necessary at the beginning, but it can bring many advantages. Especially if you don't have lighting in the best place for shooting.

    Before deciding which equipment to invest in, make sure you know where your videos will be recorded. Do you want to shoot outdoors or indoors? Will there be a lot of noise around you? Decide what you need and research the best tool for your needs.

    To help you decide on the device, the devices for beginner YouTubers that you can refer to are listed below.

    Editing Software

    Don't feel overwhelmed by having to use editing software. There are many software products with very direct interfaces, which are very easy to use even if you have no editing skills.

    Don't rush to buy expensive professional editing software at the beginning. You can start with Windows Movie Maker first. It is usually installed with Windows. Here is an article reviewing 6 free editing software products, you can check it out.

    • Filmora: Filmora is one of the best video editing tools for beginners. You can use its built-in functions such as effects, filters, titles, sound effects, music, etc. to make your videos more interesting.
    • KineMaster: With KineMaster, you can edit videos easily and quickly. It allows you to edit multiple layers, add handwriting and text annotations, add audio tracks, and more.

    Before focusing on growing and increasing the number of views, you need to shoot and post some videos on the channel.

    How to Start a YouTube channel

    To create a video blog, the first thing you need to do is start a YouTube channel. You can do it for free, just a few minutes. To do this, go to YouTube and click the login button in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Youtube Sign In
    YouTube Sign In
    Now add your email address and password to create an account. Now you will enter your YouTube account. Click the account option in the upper right corner of the screen. You will see several options here, one of which is to create a channel.

    Click on Your Channel
    Click on Your Channel

    You will now be directed to a new page. Click the "Get Started" option here.

    In the next step, the system will ask for the name you want to use, account name, or custom name. In this tutorial, we will choose a custom name.

    Now you can add a name to the channel. You also need to check the corresponding checkbox to declare that you are creating an account using Google settings. When finished, click the Create button.

    That's it. Your channel has been created. Now, add a profile picture and channel description.

    Scroll down the screen further and you will see the option to add social links etc. to your channel. When finished, click the "Save and Continue" button to start a YouTube Channel.

    That's it. Your channel is now ready, and you can start uploading videos.

    Demo Channel YouTube

    The next step is to photograph and edit your content. When you are ready, you can upload the video using the "Upload Video" button.

    Tips to start a Youtube Channel

    When you start uploading content to your channel, I will provide you with best practices.

    Video trailer

    You can add video trailers to your YouTube channel to show to viewers who have not subscribed to the channel. Trailers are a great way to attract attention and get more subscribers. Give a short introduction to express what your channel is about. Make sure you capture the audience’s interest and ask them to subscribe via comments.

    Beautiful thumbnail

    The video thumbnail and title are the first things viewers see when they display the video on YouTube. This makes them the reason people click on the video in the first place. You want to make sure that you use custom thumbnails in every video you upload.

    Be Consistent

    For a YouTube channel to succeed, it must provide content regularly to keep viewers engaged and entertained. Set goals for yourself, such as posting a video every week, and keep up with those goals.

    Watch many videos on YouTube

    You want to watch many YouTube videos, not just your competitors. Observe Other YouTubers and analyze. What is the structure of their video? How do they keep the audience interested? Learn from others and apply what you learn.

    YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Optimizing videos play a huge role in the ranking of videos in search results. Your videos need to be ranked high so that people can find and enjoy them. You need to be more familiar with YouTube video rankings to provide the best exposure for the video.

    Share and Connect

    On Facebook, Twitter to share your video on Google+ and other social platforms. Find your target audience on Quora and Reddit and help people solve problems related to your niche. Add your video to get further information about it. Also, start creating real connections with other YouTubers in your niche.

    Organize videos in playlists

    Playlists make it easier for viewers to browse your content and are also an important assistant for retaining viewers. They let people watch your video. Audience retention is one of the main factors in YouTube ranking, so you must adjust everything to maintain audience engagement and viewing rate. When you have related videos, don’t forget to add them to the playlist.



    Integrate your Vlog into the website

    There is no doubt that if video blogs are not just your hobby, it is in your best interest to build a website, integrate videos into it, and promote the website from the videos.

    YouTubers like Dude Perfect even published case studies on their sponsor’s website, revealing how sponsoring their YouTube channel can help develop the sponsor’s brand.

    With all the technologies available today, creating a website is completely trouble-free. You need to do is sign up for a web hosting company, like Blue Host.

    With Bluehost, you can get everything you need to get your website up and running, including a free domain name, free SSL certificate, one-click WordPress installer, and more.


    Now that you know how to create a YouTube channel that everyone will follow, it’s time to start working. Once you start thinking, brainstorm the channel name, and create the art of YouTube channel. When everything is ready, create your YouTube account, add artwork, fill in descriptions and other information, and...

    ...You are ready to start a YouTube channel. I hope this guide will help you to start a youtube channel. If you like this article (How to start a YouTube Channel that everyone will follow?) then comments and share.


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