Create Great Content with 10 SEO Writing Tips

Today the Internet is full of all kinds of content - diverse and interesting. The article is not just some text - it is unique conten.

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Create great content is very important. Today the Internet is full of all kinds of content - diverse and interesting. The article is not just some text - it is unique content that contains useful information about your target audience. That is why writing articles is a skill that is performed by a specialist in the field.


    The benefits of the articles are many:

    • 1. Create unique content that attracts users
    • 2. Create content for the site that is useful to search engines
    • 3. Saturate your site with keywords you chase
    • 4. If your content is intriguing users will share it on social networks, this is a signal to search engines that it is useful and will rank your site in better positions.

    There are many more benefits of writing articles about your site that will help you rise online, so we will give you some tips on how to optimize the article and make it intriguing for users.

    Sales funnel

    It is important to determine the article for which stage of the sales funnel it is. Here you can use the abbreviation AIDA - attention, interest, desire, action. The article focuses on one of these stages and invites users to the appropriate reaction - to attract their attention, to arouse interest in your product, a desire to own it or perform a specific action.

    Better content when writing articles:

    Structure of the content

    Make an introductory paragraph in which to present your topic, then the main part in which is the main message of the article and a conclusion that summarizes what was said in the main part and is related to the introduction.

    Title of the article 

    The title is the first thing that grabs the user's attention, so it should be intriguing and simple - you have 1 second to grab his attention, so do not bother him.


    Content is king. It is unique, captivating, and benefits readers. Create Content that will enrich the knowledge of your target audience and is in their language. The way of expression is very important - you do not need to write very long and complex sentences, on the contrary, let them be simple and short. In this way, readability will be better and will not be hampered.

    Spelling and Grammar

    You want to build an image of a professional, so check your articles for mistakes - when users see spelling, grammar, or stylistic mistakes they make a bad impression on the author of the can use Grammarly for remove grammatical errors.

    Better optimized articles:

    Correct keywords

    Users are looking for what they need by keywords, so, Whenever you create content it is important to choose the right keywords in your article. It is important to create a semantic core of keywords for your business and to include some of them in your articles.

    Longer articles

    Previously, short articles with a clear message were valued by search engines - this is no longer the case. The more comprehensive your article, the richer the information, the better it will be in the eyes of the giant Google.

    Headings in the content

    For better readability, it is good to put subheadings inside the text. These subheadings are of different Headings- H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. Thanks to them, search engines also focus on the content of the text


    Create internal links to your site through anchor texts. Anchor text is a word or phrase pointing to a page via a hyperlink. Indeed, anchor text is what people say about your page. They are extremely important for optimization, so be careful how you choose them.

    WordPress Plugin

    Yoast plugin can help you a lot in optimizing the article. It counts the keyword saturation, the meta description, whether the images are optimized, the readability of the article, and many other elements.

    There are many other things to keep in mind when writing articles and uploading them. These tips can be considered basic in article optimization, but they are extremely important for your work to affect.

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